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before creating test cases to "break the system", a few principles have to be observed:

Software QA/Testing Technical FAQs

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before creating test cases to "break the system", a few principles have to be observed:

Testing should be based on user requirements. This is in order to uncover any defects that might cause the program or system to fail to meet the client's requirements.
Testing time and resources are limited. Avoid redundant tests.
It is impossible to test everything. Exhaustive tests of all possible scenarios are impossible, simple because of the many different variables affecting the system and the number of paths a program flow might take.
Use effective resources to test. This represents use of the most suitable tools, procedures and individuals to conduct the tests. The test team should use tools that they are confident and familiar with. Testing procedures should be clearly defined. Testing personnel may be a technical group of people independent of the developers.
Test planning should be done early. This is because test planning can begin independently of coding and as soon as the client requirements are set.
Testing should begin at the module. The focus of testing should be concentrated on the smallest programming units first and then expand to other parts of the system.
We look at software testing in the traditional (procedural) sense and then describe some testing strategies and methods used in Object Oriented environment. We also introduce some issues with software testing in both environments.

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