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Formal Technical Review: Reviews that include walkthroughs, inspection, ....

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Formal Technical Review: Reviews that include walkthroughs, inspection, ....

Formal Technical Review
Reviews that include walkthroughs, inspection, round-robin reviews and other small group technical assessment of software. It is a planned and control meeting attended by the analyst, programmers and people involve in the software development.

  • Uncover errors in logic, function or implementation for any representation of software
  • To verify that the software under review meets the requirements
  • To ensure that the software has been represented according to predefined standards
  • To achieve software that is developed in a uniform manner.
  • To make project more manageable.
  • Early discovery of software defects, so that in the development and maintenance phase the errors are substantially reduced. " Serves as a training ground, enabling junior members to observe the different approaches in the software development phases (gives them helicopter view of what other are doing when developing the software).
  • Allows for continuity and backup of the project. This is because a number of people are become familiar with parts of the software that they might not have otherwise seen,
  • Greater cohesion between different developers.

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