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It's a good thing to share test cases with customers

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It's a good thing to share test cases with customers

That's generally a good thing, but the question is why do they want to see them?
Potential problems are that they may be considering changing outsourcing firms and want to use the test cases elsewhere. If that can be prevented, please do so.
Another problem is that they want to micro manage your testing efforts. It's one thing to audit your work to prove to themselves that you're doing a good job, it's an entirely different matter if they intend to tell you that you don't have enough test coverage on the activity of module foo and far too much coverage on module bar, please correct it.
Another issue may be that they are seeking litigation and they need proof that you were negligent in some area of testing.
It's never a bad thing to have your customer wanting to be involved, unless you're a large company and this is a small (in terms of sales) customer.
What are your concerns about this? Can you give more information on your situation and the customer's?

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