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If you don't have requirements specification, how will you go about testing the application?

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If you don't have requirements specification, how will you go about testing the application?

if there is no requirement specification and testing is required then smoke testing or Gorilla testing is a best option for it in this way we can understand the functionality and Bugs of the application

As a thumb rude, never test or signoff on undocumented (applications without complete functional specifications) applications. Its quite similar to swiming in unknown waters - you never know what you could encounter. In the case of software testing, its not what you will encounter, but its what you will not encounter. There is a very high possibility that you could completely miss out some functionality or even worse, misunderstand the functionality.
Software Testing is closely associated with the Program management Team or the requirment analysis team rather than the Development Team. When you test an application without the knowledge of the requirments, you only see what the developer wants you to see and not what the customer want to see. And customers / end users are our prime audience.
In the case of missing requirments, you would try out something what is called 'Focused Exploratory Testing', identifying every piece in the application, its functionality and gradually dig deeper.
Smoke Testing or Gorilla Testing (Monkey Testing) is a different type of testing and the purpose of same is very diffferent.
Smoke Testing or Sanity Testing is used, only to certify builds and is no measure for quality. It only ensures that there are no blocking issues in the build and ensures that the same can undergo a test pass.
Gorilla Testing or Monkey Testing (Gorilla being the smarter among the Monkey kind) is all about adhoc testing. You would probably try hitting the 'ENTER' key 100 times, or try a 'SUBMIT' followed by 'CANCEL' followed by 'SUBMIT' again.
The idea of 'Exploratory Testing' is to identify the functionality of the application along with Testing the same.

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