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How do you write test cases?

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How do you write test cases?

When I write test cases, I concentrate on one requirement at a time. Then, based on that one requirement, I come up with several real life scenarios that are likely to occur in the use of the application by an end user.
When I write test cases, I describe the inputs, action, or event, and their expected results, in order to determine if a feature of an application is working correctly. To make the test case complete, I also add particulars e.g. test case identifiers, test case names, objectives, test conditions (or setups), input data requirements (or steps), and expected results.
Additionally, if I have a choice, I like writing test cases as early as possible in the development life cycle. Why? Because, as a side benefit of writing test cases, many times I am able to find problems in the requirements or design of an application. And, because the process of developing test cases makes me completely think through the operation of the application.

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