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What kind of automated testing tool should Small company use?

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What kind of automated testing tool should Small company use?

Automation is not designed for small test teams in companies. It does not make your testing more efficient, it just make it faster. When you hit problems (and you likely will) it will take a lot of time to fix these problems.
At the only time that a good automated process can be put in place.
After your company starts growing and product releases, service packs, etc start to pile up in the horizon, your team will not have the time to automate because it will come after anything else to keep revenue coming and customers happy.
Automation makes you faster, a nice outcome that will become vital later. The trick is in controlling the inputs of that process to get a good bang for the buck.
The standard QA tools cause a lot of trouble and more often than not end up collecting dust in the shelves.
Just throwing people and money at the problem does not work and is just available to bigger companies.
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