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How to trace fixed bug in test case?

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How to trace fixed bug in test case?

The fixed defects can be tracked in the defect tracking tool. I think it is out of scope of a test case to maintain this.
The defect tracking tool should indicate that the problem has been fixed, and the associated test case now has a passing result.
If and when you report test results for this test cycle, you should provide this sort of information; i.e., test failed, problem report written, problem fixed, test passed, etc...

As using Jira (like Bugzilla) to manage your testcases as well as your bugs. When a test discovers a bug, you will link the two, marking the test as "in work" and "waiting for bug X". Now, when the developer resolves the bug and you retest it, you see the link to the tescase and retest/close it.

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