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How to test the memory leakeage mannually?

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How to test the memory leakeage mannually?

Here are tools to check this. Compuware DevPartner can help you test your application for Memory leaks if the application is complex. Also depending upon the OS on which you need to check for memory leaks you need to select the tool.

Tools are more effective to do so. the tools watch to see when memory is allocated and not freeed. You can use various tools manually to see if the same happens. You just won't be able to find the exact points where this happens.
In windows you would use task manager or process explorer (freeware from Sysinternals) and switch to process view and watch memory used. Record the baseline memory usage (BL) . Run an action once and record the memory usage (BLU). Perform the same actions repeatedlty and then if the memory usage has not returned to at least BLU, you have a memory leak. The trick is to wait for the computer to clean up after the transactions have finished. This should take a few seconds.

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