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from low-level to high level (Testing in Stages)

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from low-level to high level (Testing in Stages)

Except for small programs, systems should not be tested as a single unit. Large systems are built out of sub-systems, which are built out of modules that are composed of procedures and functions. The testing process should therefore proceed in stages where testing is carried out incrementally in conjunction with system implementation.

The most widely used testing process consists of five stages

Component testingUnit TestingVerification
(Process Oriented)
White Box Testing Techniques
(Tests that are derived from knowledge of the program's structure and implementation)
Module Testing
Integrated testingSub-system Testing
System Testing
User testingAcceptance TestingValidation
(Product Oriented)
Black Box Testing Techniques
(Tests are derived from the program specification)

However, as defects are discovered at any one stage, they require program modifications to correct them and this may require other stages in the testing process to be repeated.
Errors in program components, say may come to light at a later stage of the testing process. The process is therefore an iterative one with information being fed back from later stages to earlier parts of the process.

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