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Why should I use static testing techniques?

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Why should I use static testing techniques?

There are several reasons why one should use static testing techniques.
Reason number 1: One should use static testing techniques because static testing is a bargain, compared to dynamic testing.
Reason number 2: Static testing is up to 100 times more effective. Even in selective testing, static testing may be up to 10 times more effective. The most pessimistic estimates suggest a factor of 4.
Reason number 3: Since static testing is faster and achieves 100% coverage, the unit cost of detecting these bugs by static testing is many times lower than detecting bugs by dynamic testing.
Reason number 4: About half of the bugs, detectable by dynamic testing, can be detected earlier by static testing.
Reason number 5: If one uses neither static nor dynamic test tools, the static tools offer greater marginal benefits.
Reason number 6: If an urgent deadline looms on the horizon, the use of dynamic testing tools can be omitted, but tool-supported static testing should never be omitted.

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