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What is “Quality Assurance”?

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What is “Quality Assurance”?

“Quality Assurance” measures the quality of processes used to create a quality product.
Software Quality Assurance (‘SQA’ or ‘QA’) is the process of monitoring and improving all activities associated with software development, from requirements gathering, design and reviews to coding, testing and implementation.
It involves the entire software development process - monitoring and improving the process, making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed, and ensuring that problems are found and dealt with, at the earliest possible stage. Unlike testing, which is mainly a ‘detection’ process, QA is ‘preventative’ in that it aims to ensure quality in the methods & processes – and therefore reduce the prevalence of errors in the software.
Organisations vary considerably in how they assign responsibility for QA and testing. Sometimes they’re the combined responsibility of one group or individual. Also common are project teams that include a mix of testers and developers who work closely together, with overall QA processes monitored by project managers or quality managers.

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