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How can I shift my focus and area of work from QC to QA?

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How can I shift my focus and area of work from QC to QA?

Number one: Focus on your strengths, skills, and abilities! Realize that there are MANY similarities between Quality Control and Quality Assurance! Realize you have MANY transferable skills!
Number two: Make a plan! Develop a belief that getting a job in QA is easy! HR professionals cannot tell the difference between quality control and quality assurance! HR professionals tend to respond to keywords (i.e. QC and QA), without knowing the exact meaning of those keywords!
Number three: Make it a reality! Invest your time! Get some hands-on experience! Do some QA work! Do any QA work, even if, for a few months, you get paid a little less than usual! Your goals, beliefs, enthusiasm, and action will make a huge difference in your life!
Number four: Read all you can, and that includes reading product pamphlets, manuals, books, information on the Internet, and whatever information you can lay your hands on!

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