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Any recommendation for estimation how many bugs the customer will find till gold release?

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Any recommendation for estimation how many bugs the customer will find till gold release?

If you take the total number of bugs in the application and subtract the number of bugs you found, the difference will be the maximum number of bugs the customer can find.
Seriously, I doubt you will find any sort of calculations or formula that can answer your question with much accuracy. If you could refernce a previous application release, it might give you a rough idea. The best thing to do is insure your test coverage is as good as you can make it then hope you've found the ones the customer might find.
Remember Software testing is Risk Management!

For doing estimation :
1.)Find out the Coverage during testing of ur software and then estimate keeping in mind 80-20 principle.
2.)You can also look at the deepening of your test cases e.g. how much unit level testing and how much life cycle teting have you performed (Believe that most of the bugs from customer comes due to real use of lifecycle in the software)
3.)You can also refer the defect density from earlier releases of the same product line.
by doing these evaluation you can find out the probability of bugs at an approximately optimum estimation.

You can look at the customer issues mapping from previous release (If you have the same product line) to the current release ,This is the best way of finding estimation for gold release of migration of any product.Secondly, till gold release most of the issues comes from various combination of installation testing like cross-platform,i18 issues,Customization,upgradation and migration.
So ,these can be taken as a parameter and then can estimation be completed.

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