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Can we prepare Test Plan without SRS?

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Can we prepare Test Plan without SRS?

It is not always mandatory that you should have SRS document to prepare a Test Plan. This kind of Documents Hierarchy is maintained to maintain Organizational standards and also to have clear understanding of the things.
Yes you can Prepare a Test plan directly without SRS, When the Requirements are clear with your clients,and when your URD(User Requirement Document ) is supportive enough to clarify the issues.
Though we don't have SRS clients will be giving some information SRS only contains mainly Product information
But we will not know the Testing effort if we don't have SRS.
SRS contains How many cycles we are testing, and on the platforms we are testing , etc.
Actually there won't be any harm in doing so, becoz, ultimately you will send your Test plan document to your client and after getting approval from him only you start Testing.
(Note:- SRS is the document which you get in the Analysis phase of your Software Development. Test plan is the document , which contains the details of Product interms of , Tset strategy , Scope of testing, Types of tests to be conducted,Risk Managemnet , Mention of Automation Tool ,About Bug tracking Tool, etc..,)

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