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Why was bug x or bug y caught NOT during testing?"

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Why was bug x or bug y caught NOT during testing?"

Why the defect was allowed to be introduced into the code? Why don't they have better code reviews? Why don't the developers understand the product better? Why are the requirements not fully understood by these people?
The real issue here is that they are passing quality off to the testing team and it's not our job to make the product a quality one--it's the responsibility of everyone in the company including the receptionist.
It is not the job of testing to be responsible for assuring quality and it is not the purpose of testing to find bugs.
Classic Testing Mistakes

Do they rely on strange configurations: ones you could never hope to reproduce? Is it reasonable that your testers should have "caught" these defects? If it is, don't make any excuses.
Alternately, if it's really the requirements, how can the developers make the right product and the testers don't understand what the developers are making? There is communication about what needs to be done, and the developers seem to be getting that communication, why can't your testers? We know the reason: the developers didn't get the communication right--that's why there was a defect. So you can point out the communication as well.
when there is a requirements document, testers have a tendency to only test the main path, or they'll only run one test case per requirement, when there clearly should be many tests to catch all boundaries and failures. Testers do need to be able to think about what they are doing, and it is very possible that the testers themselves are at fault. Don't be afraid to hold them accountable for being lazy.
The main cause of the problem is not enough testing time allocated:
NO time for doc reviews;
Little time for test design and creation;
Little time for test execution.

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