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What is the purpose of test strategy?

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What is the purpose of test strategy?

Reason number 1: The number one reason of writing a test strategy document is to "have" a signed, sealed, and delivered, FDA (or FAA) approved document, where the document includes a written testing methodology, test plan, and test cases.
Reason number 2: Having a test strategy does satisfy one important step in the software testing process.
Reason number 3: The test strategy document tells us how the software product will be tested.
Reason number 4: The creation of a test strategy document presents an opportunity to review the test plan with the project team.
Reason number 5: The test strategy document describes the roles, responsibilities, and the resources required for the test and schedule constraints.
Reason number 6: When we create a test strategy document, we have to put into writing any testing issues requiring resolution (and usually this means additional negotiation at the project management level).
Reason number 7: The test strategy is decided first, before lower level decisions are made on the test plan, test design, and other testing issues.

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