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Is the testing an art of thinking ?

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Is the testing an art of thinking ?

Think like a guy who would like to break the application. like a hacker...finding the weakness in the system.

Think like a Tester then think negative rather than positive. Because tester always try to break the application, by putting some negative values.

How testers think is:
- Testers are "negative" thinkers
- Testers complain
- Testers like to break things
- Testers take a special thrill in delivering bad news
The authors introduce an alternate view:
- Testers don't complain, they offer evidence
- Testers don't like to break things, they like to dispel the illusion that things work
- Testers don't take a special thrill in delivering bad news, they enjoy freeing their clients from false belief.
They go on to explain how testers should think:
- Deriving inference
- Technically
- creatively
- Critically
- practically
- Attempting to anwer questions
- Exploring, thinking
- Using logic

Testers are destroyers for a cretive purpose.Always keep one thing in mind "CREATIVE DESTRUCTION IS WHAT WE WANT TO ACHIEVE".
Add one thing to it is that the quality of testers while testing an application should be enforced only after the smooth flow of the application is assured i.e., the application passes the positive test. If the application doesnt pass even the positive testing than the testing strategy gets waivered.
And aftyer all the competition is appreciated when both the sides are equally strong.
So before bringing the real quality of testers into act while doing the testing one should ensure that it has passed the positive testing.

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