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A list of ten good things about PDRs!

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A list of ten good things about PDRs!

Number 1: PDRs are easy, because all your meeting attendees are your co-workers and friends.
Number 2: PDRs do produce results. With the help of your meeting attendees, PDRs help you produce better designs and better documents than the ones you could come up with, without the help of your meeting attendees.
Number 3: Preparation for PDRs helps a lot, but, in the worst case, if you had no time to read every page of every document, it's still OK for you to show up at the PDR.
Number 4: It's technical expertise that counts the most, but many times you can influence your group just as much, or even more so, if you're dominant or have good acting skills.
Number 5: PDRs are easy, because, even at the best and biggest companies, you can dominate the meeting by being either very negative, or very bright and wise.
Number 6: It is easy to deliver gentle suggestions and constructive criticism. The brightest and wisest meeting attendees are usually gentle on you; they deliver gentle suggestions that are constructive, not destructive.
Number 7: You get many-many chances to express your ideas, every time a meeting attendee asks you to justify why you wrote what you wrote.
Number 8: PDRs are effective, because there is no need to wait for anything or anyone; because the attendees make decisions quickly (as to what errors are in your document). There is no confusion either, because all the group's recommendations are clearly written down for you by the PDR's facilitator.
Number 9: Your work goes faster, because the group itself is an independent decision making authority. Your work gets done faster, because the group's decisions are subject to neither oversight nor supervision.
Number 10: At PDRs, your meeting attendees are the very best experts anyone can find, and they work for you, for FREE!

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