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What is quality plan?

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What is quality plan?

the test plan is the document created before starting the testing process, it includes that types of testing that will be performed, high level scope of the project, the envirnmental requirements of the testing process, what automated testing tools will be used (If available), the schedule of each test, when it will start and end.

you should not only understand what a Quality Plan is, but you should understand why you're making it. I don't beleieve that "because I was told to do so" is a good enough reason. If the person who told you to create it can't tell you 1) what it is, and 2) how to create it, I don't think that they actually know why it's needed. That breaks the primary rule of all plans used in testing:
We write quality plans for two very different purposes. Sometimes the quality plan is a product; sometimes it's a tool. It's too easy, but also too expensive, to confuse these goals.
If it's not being used as a tool, don't waste your time (and your company's money) doing this.

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