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How to test a application in flash?

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How to test a application in flash?

Manually testing flash animations is as simple as making sure that the objects do what they're supposed to do. manually mostly because flash isn't really a programming language. Most developers consider it to be a toy. So the big automation companies won't consider plug-ins for the flash objects.
If the flash application is a: E learning Application:
1. Need to know the the Hardware Configuration, becauase if this animation contains some heavy images or movie files then it works slowly, and which is a error.
so each and every images and movie should be of light weight, as far the quality says.
2. File naming convention
3. Flash detection
4. Objects should do what they are supposed to do
5. Etc.
If the flash application is a: Web Application:
1. File size, should be light weight, beacuase most of the user dont have high speed connection, load testing require
2. Quality of texts, images and movie

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