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How to Test a desktop systems ?

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How to Test a desktop systems ?

You will likely have to use a programming or scripting language to interact with the service directly. You will have more control over the raw information that way.
You will have to determine what the service is supposed to do and how it is supposed to interact with other applications and services. A data dictionary likely exists. It may not be called that however. What this document does is explain what commands the service will respond to and what sort of data should be sent. You will have to use this document to do your testing. Get close to the person or people who created the document or the service and expect them to keep you in the loop when changes take place (it doesn't help anyone if you report a defect and it's really only reflecting an expected change in the operation of the service).
Desktop applications are generally designed to run and quit. You have to be concerned with memory leaks and system usage.

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