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How do you test data integrity?

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How do you test data integrity?

Data integrity is tested by the following tests:
Verify that you can create, modify, and delete any data in tables.
Verify that sets of radio buttons represent fixed sets of values.
Verify that a blank value can be retrieved from the database.
Verify that, when a particular set of data is saved to the database, each value gets saved fully, and the truncation of strings and rounding of numeric values do not occur.
Verify that the default values are saved in the database, if the user input is not specified.
Verify compatibility with old data, old hardware, versions of operating systems, and interfaces with other software.
Why do we perform data integrity testing? Because we want to verify the completeness, soundness, and wholeness of the stored data. Testing should be performed on a regular basis, because important data could, can, and will change over time.

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