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Is there any common testing framework or testing best practices for distributed system? For example, for distrbuted database management system?

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Is there any common testing framework or testing best practices for distributed system? For example, for distrbuted database management system?

A distributed database management based on mysql. It has three components.
1. A jdbc driver providing services for user's applications, including distributed transaction management, load balancing, query processor, table id management, etc.
2. A master process, which manages global dirstributed transaction id, load balancing, load balancing strategy, etc.
3. An agent running on the same box with mysql, which get mysql server's balance statistic info.
Distributed applications have traditionally been designed as systems whose data and processing capabilities reside on multiple platforms, each performing an assigned function within a known and controlled framework contained in the enterprise. Even if the testing tools were capable of debugging all types of software components, most do not provide a single monitoring view that can span multiple platforms. Therefore, developers must jump between several testing/monitoring sessions across the distributed platforms and interpret the cross–platform gap as best they can. That is, of course, assuming that comparable monitoring tools exist for all the required platforms in the first place. This is particularly difficult when one server platform is the mainframe as generally the more sophisticated mainframe testing tools do not have comparable PC– or Unix–based counterparts. Therefore, testing distributed applications is exponentially more difficult than testing standalone applications.
To overcome this problem, we present an operational environment for testing distributed applications based on the Java Development Kit (JDK) as shown in Figure 1, allowing testers to track the flow of messages and data across and within the disparate platforms.The primary goal of this operational environment is an attempt to provide a coherent, seamless environment that can serve as a single platform for testing distributed applications. The hardware platform of the testbed at the lowest level in Figure 1, is a network of SUN workstations running the Solaris 2.x operating system which often plays a part in distributed and client–server system. The widespread use of PCs has also prompted an ongoing effort to port the environment to the PC/Windows platform. On the top of the hardware platform is Java Development Kit. It consists of the Java programming language core functionality, the Java Application Programming Interface (API) with multiple package sets and the essential tools such as Remote Method Invocations (RMI), Java DataBase Conncetivity (JDBC) and Beans for creating Java applications. On top of this platform is the SITE which secures automated support for the testing process, including modeling, specification, statistical analysis, test data generation, test results inspection and test path tracing. At the top of this environment are the distributed applications. These can use or bypass any of the facilities and services in this operational environment. This environment receives commands from the users (testers) and produces the test reports back.

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