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Web Development Testing Tools - XenoCode Browser Sandbox

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Web Development Testing Tools - XenoCode Browser Sandbox

Browser testing is one of the most tedious and frustrating parts of web development. What designer or programmer hasn’t screamed bloody murder at broken alignments in Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer reviewsInternet Explorer reviews 6? One of the difficult parts of browser testing is that no developer can have every browser type on a single computer for proper testing.

Enter XenoCode Browser Sandbox, a series of virtual applications that can run all popular browsers simultaneously. It does not even require the installation of software. However, XenoCodeXenocode reviewsXenocode reviews’s Browser Sandbox can be heavy in some browsers and is still lacking in a Mac version.

About the Xenocode Browser Sandbox
The Xenocode Browser Sandbox allows all popular Windows browsers to be run simultaneously, directly from the web. Web designers, system administrators, and other users can now evaluate Internet Explorer 8, 7, and 6, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome directly from the web in a risk-free manner. Unlike traditional software applications, Xenocode WebApps do not require any software to be installed and allow multiple application versions to run side-by-side on any version of Windows.

Known Issues
• The IE8 executable triggers a false positive warning when using Avira AV. UPDATE: Avira is patching their product, see

• Mac clients are not currently supported. (Yes, we're sorry and we hear you!) Building Your Own WebApps

Browsers featured in the Browser Sandbox were built using Xenocode Virtual Application Studio and deployed using Xenocode WebApp. Xenocode products are available via the web and through authorized Xenocode partners.

For more information on Xenocode licensing or to download free product evaluations, please visit the Xenocode home page. Understanding Xenocode Technology

Xenocode is a powerful virtualization technology that separates applications from the underlying operating system. Unlike traditional hardware virtualization solutions that duplicate an entire host operating system, Xenocode's lightweight application virtualization technology emulates only core operating system features required for application execution. Xenocode requires no setup, configuration, clients, or device drivers, insulates applications against conflicts, and runs existing applications seamlessly on Windows Vista and locked-down desktops.

Xenocode virtual applications can be deployed on the web, intranets, portable storage devices, and existing desktop management infrastructure, including Active Directory, Microsoft SMS, LANDesk Management Suite, and BMC Configuration Management. Xenocode technology has been licensed by Novell and is available as part of Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization. The Xenocode Virtual Application Studio authoring environment allows software developers and systems administrators to easily convert existing applications into virtual machine packages. The Xenocode WebApp service allows Xenocode applications to be run directly from the web via a simple control that embeds directly into web sites, blogs, and other online content. About Code Systems

Code Systems develops the next-generation Xenocode virtualization engine and related application delivery products. Xenocode allows system administrators and software developers to deploy applications in lightweight, pre-configured virtual machines that run instantly on any Windows desktop via the web, Active Directory, portable storage devices, or existing desktop management infrastructure.

Code Systems was founded in 2002 and consists of a team of veteran Microsoft engineers and academic researchers. Today, its customers include thousands of industry-leading consulting, financial, government, military, and technology companies, and tens of thousands of independent information technology professionals.

Code Systems is based in Seattle, Washington.

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