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Web Development Testing Tools - WebSitePulse Test Tools

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Web Development Testing Tools - WebSitePulse Test Tools

Want a fast test for response time, file size, and links? WebSitePulse Test Tools provides a series of quick and easy-to-use tests that graph out everything from website speed to link errors. It also provides numbers on file sizes, redirect speed, and DNS.

WebSitePulse is a leading provider of advanced, independent and remote monitoring services that enable clients to increase the efficiency of their mission-critical e-business operations, and to reduce their risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue. Cost-effective, easy-to-use Monitoring Services are available to meet every need and every budget.

Server Monitoring - monitors any type of server, web server or network device as often as every minute with error detection and instant alerts.

Website Monitoring - monitors performance and availability of web sites as often as every minute simultaneously from a global monitoring network. Provides full-page downloads with real-time website alerts, generated if web page errors or website performance problems occur.

Application Monitoring - monitors complex multi-step web transactions and the applications they use. Features simultaneous full-page downloads for every step from multiple cities around the World.

Email System Monitoring with Round-Trip - verifies that your incoming and outgoing email services are working from and end-to-end perspective.
Key Features
• Simultaneous multi-pop web site monitoring from around the Globe
• Precise error detection and "triple stage" verification system
• Forced monitoring upon error detection
• Location correlated notification system with custom settings
• Real-time multi-media alerts with flexible escalation
• Remote hands upon Customer request
• Real-time reports with drill down capabilities and diagnose options
• Multi-user access with individual rights
• 24/7 Live customer support

Customer benefits
• Eliminate the risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue and credibility
• Increase productivity of Web applications and ensure they are always available and running at peak performance
• Provides third party validation of the quality of web applications
• Provides site monitoring from outside the fire wall to demonstrate performance from the end-user perspective

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