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Web Application Testing Tools - Jameleon

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Web Application Testing Tools - Jameleon

Jameleon is an automated testing tool that separates applications into features and allows those features to be tied together independently, creating test cases. These test cases can then be data-driven and executed against different environments. Jameleon breaks applications into features and allows testing at any level, simply by passing in different data for the same test. Because Jameleon is based on Java and XML, there is no need to learn a proprietary technology.

It's an acceptance testing tool for testing the functionality provided by applications, and currently supports the testing of Web applications. It differs from regular HttpUnit and jWebUnit in that it separates testing of features from the actual test cases themselves. If I understand it correctly, you write the feature tests separately and then script them together into a reusable test case. Incidentally, you can also make these test cases data-driven, which gives an easy way of running specific tests on specific environments.

The framework has a plugin architecture, allowing different functional testing tools to be used, and there is a plugin for testing Web applications using HttpUnit/jWebUnit. The test case scripting is done with XML and Jelly.

Jameleon combines XDoclet, Ant and Jelly to provide a potentially powerful framework for solid functional testing of your Webapp. It strikes a good balance between scripting and coding, and allows you to set up multiple inputs per test by providing input via CSV files. Along with the flexibility come a complexity and maintenance overhead, but you are getting your Webapp tested for you.

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