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Software Test Tools - EGGPLANT FOR MAC OS X

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Software Test Tools - EGGPLANT FOR MAC OS X

Kind of Tool
Automate functional testing
Redstone Software, Inc.
Software Description
Eggplant is a test automation tool for Mac OS X, which allows automation of almost any manual test. Eggplant tests the end user experience, much as a manual tester would. The interactive scripting development capability allows even an unsophisticated user to start using Eggplant within hours. Eggplant?s capabilities are also powerful enough to support the most complex environments and experienced users. Eggplant?s strengths are its ease of use and learning, its versatility, and its cost-effectiveness.
Eggplant runs on a Mac OS X system but can test any system- under-test attached via standard TCP/IP (local or remote). This allows Eggplant to test not only Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 systems, but also Windows, Unix, Linux, and other environments.
Runs on Mac OS X, tests any platform

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