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Software Test Tools - AUTOPILOT

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Software Test Tools - AUTOPILOT

Kind of Tool
automated GUI testing
BSSE System and Software Enginering
Software Description
AutoPilot is a tool for automated GUI testing by scripts.
• C/C++ like script interpreter compilable, strong typing
• script wizard
• automated script generation from spreadsheets, event tracking, autocode generator
• event and action tracing
• remote script execution / networking capabilities
• verification capabilities
• string and file handling, environment variables
• time-tagged and event-triggered script execution, synchronisation of scripts by (named) semaphores
• test coverage, tracking and analysis
• on-line training facility
• image processing
• random data generation (context-driven)
Mac OS 9, Mac OS X.1, Mac OS X.2 (Q4/2002)
MS-Windows Q1/2003

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