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Software Test Tools - Empirix

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Software Test Tools - Empirix

Empirix is the leading provider of integrated testing and management solutions for Web and voice applications and VoIP networks.

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Empirix Software Test Tools

e-TEST suite - A powerful, easy-to-use application testing solution that ensures the quality, performance, and reliability of your Web applications and Web Services. This integrated, full lifecycle solution allows you to define and manage your application testing process, validate application functionality, and ensure that your applications will perform under load. With e-TEST suite, you can deploy your Web applications and Web Services in less time while maximizing the efficiency of your testing team.

e-Manager Enterprise - A comprehensive test management solution that allows you to plan, document, and manage the entire application testing process. Its intuitive, Web-based interface and integrated management modules allow you to set up a customized testing process to fit the needs of your organization.

e-Tester - A flexible, easy-to-use solution for automated functional and regression testing of your Web applications and Web Services. It provides the fastest way to create automated scripts that emulate complex Web transactions. e-Tester then allows you to use these scripts for automated functional and regression testing. The same scripts can also be used in e-Load for load and performance testing and in OneSight for post-deployment application management.

e-Load - A powerful solution that enables you to easily and accurately test the performance and scalability of your Web applications and Web Services. Using e-Load you can simulate hundreds or thousands of concurrent users, executing real business transactions, to analyze how well your Web applications will perform under load. It also allows you to monitor the performance of your back-end application infrastructure, during your load test, to identify bottlenecks and help you tune application performance. e-Load is fully accessible via a Web browser interface, which enables testers and developers to collaborate during the application testing and tuning process.

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