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Web Application Testing Tools - Solex

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Web Application Testing Tools - Solex

Solex is a set of Eclipse plugins providing non-regression and stress tests of Web application servers. Test scripts are recorded from Internet browsers, thanks to a built-in Web proxy. For some Web applications, a request depends on a previous server's response. To address such a requirement, Solex introduces the concept of extraction and replacement rules. An extraction rule tied to an HTTP message's content will bind an extracted value with a variable. A replacement rule will replace any part of an HTTP message with variable content.

The tool therefore provides an easy way to extract URL parameters, Header values, or any part of a request or a response, bind their values with variables, and then replace URL parameters, Header values, or any part of a request with the variable content. The user has the ability to add assertions for each response. Once a response has been received, all assertions of this response will be called to ensure that it is valid. If not, the playback process is stopped. Several kinds of rules and assertions are provided. The most complicated ones support regular expressions and XPath.

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