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Web Application Testing Tools - XmlTestSuite

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Web Application Testing Tools - XmlTestSuite

XmlTestSuite provides a powerful way to test Web applications. Writing tests requires only knowledge of HTML and XML. The authors want XmlTestSuite to be adopted by testers, business analysts, and Web developers who don't have a Java background. XmlTestSuite supports "test-driven development". It lets you separate page structure from tests and test data. It can also verify databases. It's like JWebUnit, but has simple XML test definitions and reusable pages. The problems with raw HTTPUnit or JWebUnit are that:

1. It's very hard to get non-programmers to write tests.
2. Tests are so ugly you can't read them. (Trust me; HttpUnit test classes are a nightmare to maintain.)
3. Web tests generally change far more often than unit tests, and so need to be altered, but your refactoring won't change them automatically (i.e., changing a JSP in IDEA will not cascade to the test like changing a class will).

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