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Software Test Tools - QARUNTM

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Software Test Tools - QARUNTM

Kind of Tool
GUI capture, script development test automation tool
Compuware Corporation
Software Description
QARunTM is an enterprise-wide test script development and execution tool that is part of Compuware's QACenterTM family of application testing products. QARun's automated capabilities improve the productivity of testers, enabling them to efficiently create test scripts, verify tests, and analyze test results. Using QARun, tests can be easily maintained for repeat use.
With Compuware's QACenter, software testers and application developers can now ensure application quality with the first enterprise-wide testing solution that includes client/server automated testing tools, mainframe testing tools, test process management tools and testing services. QACenter consists of client/server automated testing tools as well as Compuware's market-leading mainframe testing products, QAHiperstationTM, for VTAM applications, and QAPlaybackTM, for CICS-based applications.
All Windows and character based platforms

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