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Software Test Tools - QES/EZ FOR GUI

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Software Test Tools - QES/EZ FOR GUI

Kind of Tool
Automated GUI Software Testing system without scripting
QES, Inc.
Software Description
QES/EZ is an automated GUI software testing system without the need for scripting or programming. The testdata is stored in a relational database which makes the maintenance and management of the testdata very efficient and easy. QES/EZ for GUI has 2 runlevels, extensive timing and comparison controls, reporting capabilities, variables, dynamic interaction with the target systems behaviour, etc. QES/EZ gives you the power to automatically validate, verify, test and populate any software systems without scripting. You do not have to tell QES/EZ what to test! You can instantly Capture and Execute the test!
Windows 3.x, Windows/95, Windows/NT, OS/2

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