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Software Test Tools - Segue

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Software Test Tools - Segue

Segue Software is a global leader dedicated to delivering quality optimization solutions that ensure the accuracy and performance of enterprise applications. Today Segue® solutions are successfully meeting the quality optimization challenges of more than 2,000 customers around the world, including 61% of the Fortune 100. Our results-oriented approach helps our customers optimize quality every step of the way.

Anyone who has used SilkTest along side any of the other test tools will agree that this is the most function rich out the box. However the learning curve (if you have no programming experience) is the steepest. In my opinion it provides the most robust facilities; an object map, test recovery facilities and object-based development language. Segue's performance test tool SilkPerformer also performs very well compared to it's rivals e.g. LoadRunner, LoadTest, etc.

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Segue Software Test Tools

SilkCentral Test Manager - Automate your testing process for optimal quality and productivity. SilkCentral Test Manager is an all-inclusive test management system that builds quality and productivity into the testing process to speed the delivery of successful enterprise applications. It lets you plan, document and manage each step of the testing cycle from capturing and organizing key business requirements, tracing them through execution … designing the optimal test plans … scheduling tests for unattended execution … tracking the progress of manual and automated tests … identifying the features at risk … and assessing when the application is ready to go live.

SilkCentral Issue Manager - Resolve issues quickly & reliably by automating the tracking process. An estimated 80% of all software costs is spent on resolving application defects. With SilkCentral™ Issue Manager, you can reduce the cost and speed the resolution of defects and other issues throughout the entire application lifecycle. SilkCentral Issue Manager features a flexible, action-driven workflow that adapts easily to your current business processes and optimizes defect tracking by automatically advancing each issue to its next stage. Its Web user interface provides 24x7x365 access to a central repository of all defect-related information - simplifying usage among geographically dispersed groups and promoting collaboration among different departments. Meanwhile insightful reports enable you to determine project readiness based on the status of important issues.

SilkTest - Meet the time-to-market & quality goals of enterprise applications. SilkTest is the industry-leading automated tool for testing the functionality of enterprise applications in any environment. It lets you thoroughly verify application reliability within the confines of today's short testing cycles by leveraging the accuracy, consistency and time-saving benefits of Segue's automated testing technology. Designed for ease of use, SilkTest includes a host of productivity-boosting features that let both novice and expert users create functional tests quickly, execute them automatically and analyze results accurately. With less time spent testing, your QA staff can expand test coverage and optimize application quality. In addition to validating the full functionality of an application prior to its initial release, users can easily evaluate the impact of new enhancements on existing functionality by simply reusing existing test cases.

SilkTest International - Ensure the reliability of multi-lingual enterprise applications. When it comes to localized versions of global applications, companies traditionally resort to second-class manual testing - a time-consuming and costly process which leaves a large margin of error. SilkTest International changes all that by providing a quick, accurate and fully automated way to test localized applications.

SilkPerformer Component - Optimize component quality and reduce costs by testing remote application components early in development. As the central building blocks of a distributed application, remote application components are key to ensuring application quality. SilkPerformer® Component Test Edition from Segue® lets you test and optimize three major quality aspects of critical remote components early in the application lifecycle - even before client applications are available.

SilkPerformer - Test the limits of your enterprise applications. SilkPerformer® is the industry's most powerful - yet easiest to use - automated load and performance testing solution for optimizing the performance, scalability and reliability of mission-critical enterprise applications. With SilkPerformer, you can accurately predict the "breaking points" in your application and its underlying infrastructure before it is deployed, regardless of its size or complexity. SilkPerformer has the power to simulate thousands of simultaneous users working with multiple computing environments and interacting with various application environments such as Web, client/server, Citrix® MetaFrame®, or ERP/CRM systems - all with a single script and one or more test machines. Yet its visual approach to scripting and root-cause analysis makes it amazingly simple and efficient to use. So you can create realistic load tests easily, find and fix bottlenecks quickly, and deliver high-performance applications faster than ever.

SilkCentral Performance Manager - Optimize the availability, performance and accuracy of mission-critical applications. SilkCentral™ Performance Manager is an application performance management solution for optimizing the quality of mission-critical applications. SilkCentral Performance Manager monitors the end-user experience on three dimensions: availability, accuracy and performance. Active monitoring utilizes synthetic business transactions for service-level and performance monitoring, while passive monitoring provides an understanding of real-user behavior by recording actual user transactions.

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