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Software Test Tools - Junkies

Kind of Tool
Add-on package for Rational Visual Test (freeware)
Automation Junkies
Software Description
The product is an add-on to Rational Visual Test 4.0. It was originally written by STLabs but has been discontinued. Now distributed as a free download (but not supported) by Tom Arnold.
The idea of the product is made up of four parts:
1. It supplies the user with common routines that must always be created when starting a new project with Visual Test. Basically, it's 10,000 lines of code the user doesn't have to write but would have had to otherwise.
2. It supplies the user with a common approach to creating their test cases. All too often people are given Visual Test and told to "automate the testing of the product." Keeping things flexible to make future changes and enhancements easier is difficult to do your first couple of times automating a product. This guides the user to help keep things flexible for future needs by allowing them to incorporate a "framework."
3. A full and heavily commented suite of tests is included. Basically, it's a "real world" test suite that they can tear apart and learn from when creating their own automated tests when using Microsoft Test.
4. A stand-alone utility for not only capturing X-Y coordinates when dealing with "fake" or virtual Windows controls, but to also keep it on an independent system so that moving from one resolution to another will keep coordinate changes to a bare minimum.
The product comes with the source code for most of the routines.

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