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Software Test Tools - KD EXECUTOR

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Software Test Tools - KD EXECUTOR

Kind of Tool
Automatic testing and demonstration tool for Qt applications
Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB
Software Description
KD Executor is a test program that are tailored for Qt programs. It knows the internals of Qt, and can therefore record more stable scripts compared to general capture/replay tools. Thus a script will continue to work after you have changed the layout a bit, after you have changed the text on a label, and even after you have changed the font size of the application.
Still KD Executor is as simple to use as any capture/replay tool, simply start KD Executor with any Qt program, and a dialog will appear offering you to configure recording and playback features, next for recording simply move your mouse and type on your keyboard to record a script.
Scripts recorded with KD Executor on one of the supported platforms still works when played back on any of the other supported platforms.
Windows, Unix (including Linux), Mac OS X

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