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Software Test Tools -EVALID

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Software Test Tools -EVALID

Kind of Tool
Test-enabled web browser
Software Research, Inc.
Software Description
eValid's Test Enabled Web Browser (TM) is a test engine that provides you with browser based 100% client side quality checking, dynamic testing, content validation, page performance tuning, and webserver loading and capacity analysis. This new cutting-edge technology is 100% client side based and is completely object oriented. eValid offers a unified approach to WebSite testing that is unique in its simplicity, power, efficiency, effectiveness, and superior ease of use. By focusing entirely on the users' view of WebSite quality. eValid results are accurate, complete, repeatable, and highly effective -- all as experienced by your users. The eValid test engine is available in server product configurations.
• Mapping: eValid Site Analysis and spidering Mode will systematically examine a WebSite or sub-WebSite for critical quality factors such as slow downloading pages, unavailable links, too-long pages.
• Functional & Regression Testing: eValid test scripts can exercise the key parts of your site, confirm links, check content, and simulate users' activities. Make sure your customers get the right message!
• Validation: eValid can confirm selected content, validate document properties, images and applets. Have confidence that you are delivering correct information! Test Suite management as well.
• Loading: eValid load testing scenarios can simulate 100's or 1000's of users. Can your WebSite handle the traffic when a serious crunch comes?
• Tuning: eValid timing capabilities let you identify slow-loading pages so you can "tune-up" your site for optimum performance. Keep customers from clicking away! Transaction monitoring as well.
One integrated product, superbly easy to use, fast to get results. And, priced to respect your budget!
Windows Server 2003, Windows NT/2000/XP

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