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Software Test Tools - OMSPHERE

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Software Test Tools - OMSPHERE

Kind of Tool
Performs Scriptless GUI Testing and significantly increases regression testing speed.
Software Description
MITS.GUI is a radically different type of test automation tool. It has an intelligent state machine engine that makes real-time decisions for navigating through the GUI portion of an application. It can test thousands of test scenarios without any scripts. It does not use them, does not generate them, and does not require you to maintain them. It allows you to create completely new test scenarios without ever having performed that test before.all without changing the tool, the testware architecture (object names, screen names, etc), or the logic associated with the engine. Testers simply enter test data into a spreadsheet which is used to populate the objects that appear for the particular test scenario defined.
PC/Win95/98/NT / PC/Win 2000

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