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Software Test Tools - XRC-X REMOTE CONTROL

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Software Test Tools - XRC-X REMOTE CONTROL

Kind of Tool
X user emulator for testing, demonstration, and performance.
Software Description
Xrc is a record and playback user emulator used for a variety of testing and demonstration purposes. Xrc runs on any X workstation with the XTrap or Record extensions to achieve true event-driven synchronization (perfect for measuring interactive response time performance). We sell complete source code for ultimate extensibility, and our users don't pay for or get a lot of marketting hype. Xrc has been around for about as long as XTrap, 5 years. We also sell technical consulting services to solve problems with a customized user emulation solution.
DECstation (ULTRIX, OSF/1) and other DEC platforms. Source code available for any X workstation platform. Sun Sparc and Linux binary versions also available.

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