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Software Test Tools - vista

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Software Test Tools - vista

Kind of Tool
Automated GUI Recording and Replay Testing
Vista Software, Inc.
Software Description
Tasker is a GUI keyboard and mouse recorder with a clean and simple interface that was inspired by the VCR: buttons for Record, Stop, and Play. It is easy to get started with Tasker since it is not necessary to learn the scripting language. Once you record your actions for testing, you can play them back at the speed you desire and loop as many times as you like. There are many advanced features as well, such as dynamic auto-typing for unique data entry, loop interruption, playback logging, and the ability to compile native .EXE programs. Any actions that you record can be saved as an editable text file (.TXT), and there is a small scripting language available as well. These features allow you to have complete control over the playback actions.
Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP

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