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Software Test Tools - EVENTCORDER SUITE

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Software Test Tools - EVENTCORDER SUITE

Kind of Tool
Sophisticated Windows events recorder/player (freeware)
CM Software
Software Description
Eventcorder records and plays back Windows events. Events can be edited and optimized. It uses "Clickviews" - playback can continue safely even when the driven application changed GUI. It will find the right place to click at. The Clickviews can be cloned and clipped to make the search process even more robust. User-defined screenshots can be made during playback - feature that can be used for testing of other application. Command line options are supported so that it can be called from *.bat file or from another application easily. E-Scripter is a scripting tool that makes use of Windows Visual Basic Script. The VBScript functions are extended of functions for playing recorded events (PlayEvents(), PlayString(), PlayText(), etc).
E-Robot is a simple tool for automation of Eventcorder for the users without programming knowledge. The scripts are composed through GUI so that there is no need to learn any syntax rules.
Any Windows

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