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Software Test Tools - VISTATASK PRO

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Software Test Tools - VISTATASK PRO

Kind of Tool
Automation and GUI Test Tool
Vista Software, Inc.
Software Description
VistaTask Pro provides advanced task automation for many purposes, such as software quality assurance testing, installation tasks, or training systems. It has been carefully designed to provide total control without the need to write any code. It offers easy Windows automation, while still providing enterprise-level features such as data-driven models, Win32 API access, Checkpoints, and Image Masking. There is zero code to write in VistaTask Pro - just click to add new commands. Since no programming is required, anyone can create powerful automation tasks. Although it uses no code, VistaTask Pro still allows you to control all aspects for each action in its feature-rich interface.
Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win 2000, WinXP

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