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Software Test Tools - Rational

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Software Test Tools - Rational

Rational is now part of IBM, which is leader in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems and microelectronics. Rational offers the most complete lifecycle toolset (including testing).

When it comes to Object Oriented development they are the acknowledged leaders with most of the leading OO experts working for them. Some of their products are worldwide leaders e.g. Rational Rose, Clearcase, RequistePro, etc.

Their Unified Process is a very good development model that I have been involved with which allows mapping of requirements to use cases, test cases and a whole set of tools to support the process.

If you are developing products using an OO approach then you should include Rational in the evaluation.

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Rational Tools

Rational Functional Tester - An advanced, automated functional and regression testing tool for testers and GUI developers who need superior control for testing Java, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and Web-based applications.

Rational Manual Tester - A manual test authoring and execution tool for testers and business analysts who want to improve the speed, breadth, and reliability of their manual testing efforts. Promotes test step reuse to reduce the impact of software change on manual test maintenance activities.

Rational Performance Tester - IBM Rational Performance Tester is a load and performance testing solution for teams concerned about the scalability of their Web-based applications. Combining ease of use with deep analysis capabilities, Rational Performance Tester simplifies test creation, load generation, and data collection to help ensure that applications can scale to thousands of concurrent users.

Rational Purify - Advanced runtime and memory management error detection. Does not require access to source code and can thus be used with third-party libraries in addition to home-grown code.

Rational Robot - General-purpose test automation tool for QA teams who want to perform functional testing of client/server applications.

Rational Test RealTime - Cross-platform solution for component testing and runtime analysis. Designed specifically for those who write code for embedded and other types of pervasive computing products.

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