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A has prepared a number of online test tools:

Data Lookup Tools

Show My IP Address and Host Name

Show My Browser Identification Information

Show My Browser Request Headers

Local Time of World Largest Cities

Exchange Rates of World Currencies

Test Data Generators

Test Credit Card Number Generator

Test Email Address Generator

Test User Password Generator

Test IP Address Generator

Test IPv6 Address Generator

Test MAC Address Generator

Test ISBN Number Generator

Test UUID/GUID Generator

Test US/Canada Phone Number Generator

Test US SSN (Social Security Number) Generator

Random Integer Generator

Random Fractional Number Generator

Random Scientific Number Generator

Random Currency Value Generator

Random Timestamp Generator

Random Date and Time Generator

Random User Birthday Generator

Random User Login Name Generator

Random Text String Generator

Data Validators

Credit Card Number Validator

Mod 10 (Luhn Algorithm) Checksum Validator

Email Address Validator

Domain Name Validator

IP Address Validator

IPv6 Address Validator

Expand IPv6 Address

Compress IPv6 Address

Convert IPv4 to IPv6 Address

MAC Address Validator

ISBN Number Validator

UUID/GUID Validator

US SSN (Social Security Number) Validator

Data Encoders, Decoders and Converters

Binary to Hex Encoder

Hex to Binary Decoder

Base64 Encoder

Base64 Decoder

UUEncode (Unix-to-Unix Encode)

UUDecode (Unix-to-Unix Decode)

URL String Encoder

URL String Decoder

HTML Entity Encoder

HTML Entity Decoder

Inches to Centimeters Converter

Centimeters to Inches Converter

Feet to Meters Converter

Meters to Feet Converter

Yards to Meters Converter

Meters to Yards Converter

Miles to Kilometers Converter

Kilometers to Miles Converter

Square Feet to Square Meters Converter

Square Meters to Square Feet Converter

Square Miles to Square Kilometers Converter

Square Kilometers to Square Miles Converter

Acres to Square Kilometers Converter

Square Kilometers to Acres Converter

Pounds to Kilograms Converter

Kilograms to Pounds Converter

Ounces to Grams Converter

Grams to Ounces Converter

Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

Celsius to Fahrenheit Converter

Regular Expression Match and Replace

Regular Expression Pattern Match

Regular Expression Pattern Match Multiple Occurrences

Regular Expression Search and Replace

Date and Time Tools

Date and Time Format Converter

Date and Time Duration Calculator

Date and Time Addition Calculator

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Data Lookup Tools

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