Pass Session ID to Subsequent HTTP Requests


How to Pass Session ID to Subsequent HTTP Requests query string parameters?



If your Web application uses cookie to manage session ID, you should have no problem to run the test plan recorded by the JMeter proxy server.

However, if your Web application uses query string parameter to manage session ID, running the test plan recorded by JMeter will fail. Because the recorded test plan does not dynamically change the session ID.

You need to follow steps below to make your session ID as a dynamic parameter.

1. Run JMeter and open "Login-Logout-Session-2.jmx".

2. Run the test plan again and open the "View Results Tree".

3. Review the response message of the "/login.php" request or the redirected "/home.php" request. You should see the session ID value.

4. Add a "Regular Expression Extractor" post processors to capture the session ID value in a variable: "SessionID".

5. Update subsequent HTTP requests to use the "SessionID" variable.

6. Save the test plan as "Login-Logout-Session-3.jmx".

Your test plan should be able to run correctly now.


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