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How to perform regular expression pattern match?

To perform a regular expression pattern match, you need to write a pattern string in regular expression language. Then you need to apply the pattern to the subject string with a tool, which returns the first full match and sub matches. has designed this online tool for you to perform regular expression pattern match. All you need to do is to enter your subject string, the pattern and the modifier. Then click the "Submit" button. The first full match with sub-matches will be displayed in the result area.




Matches returned by

Full Match:
Sub Match 1:
Sub Match 2:

"Full Match" is the matched full text of first match occurrence from the subject string.

What is a regular expression language?

Regular expression languages specifies how to write a regular expression pattern. It uses a combination of regular characters, wildcard characters, groups, logical operations, and other logics.

For example, "^(http:\/\/)?[^\/]+" is a regular expression that represents a pattern to match the base URL of any Web page URL.

To learn more about regular expression, visit Regular Expression Information Center.


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