Record Web Session with JMeter


How to record a Web session with the JMeter Proxy Server?



If you have the JMeter proxy server running and your Firefox configured to use the proxy server, you can follow this tutorial to record a Web application session in JMeter.

1. Make sure your JMeter proxy server is running.

2. Make sure your Firefox is configured to use the JMeter proxy server.

3. Use Firefox to visit your Web application.

4. Login to your Web application.

5. Logout from your Web application.

6. Go to JMeter, and open "Recording Controller". You see a list of recorded HTTP Request samplers under 3 Transaction Controllers, like the following:

Thread Group
|- 60 /login.php
|  |- 60 /login.php
|- 61 /login.php
|  |- 61 /login.php
|  |- 62 /home.php
|- 62 /menu.php
   |- 61 /menu.php
   |- 62 /logou.php

7. Open "HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder", and stop the proxy server.

8. Click "File > Save Test Plan as" to save the recorded session as "Login-Logout-Session.jmx".

Now you have Web session recorded in "Login-Logout-Session.jmx".


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