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How to validate credit card numbers?

In order to help your programming or testing tasks, has designed this online tool for you to validate any given credit card numbers. It also returns the MII, issuer, account #, and checksum.

All you need to do is to enter a credit card number, and click the "Validate" button. Validation result will be displayed in the result area.

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Specified Credit Card Number: Valid

Credit Card Number: 4417123456789113
Major Industry Identifier (MII): (Banking and financial)
Issuer: 441712 - VISA
Account Number: 345678911
Checksum: 3

What is a valid credit card number?

All credit card numbers are divided into 3 parts:

  • Issuer Identifier - 6 digits to identify the issuer of the card.
  • Account Number - 6 to 9 digits to identify the individual account number.
  • Check Digit - 1 digit computed as a checksum of the Issuer Identifier and the Account Number based on Luhn algorithm.

For example, credit card number "4417123456789113" consists of:

  • "441712" - Identifies a Visa partner as the issuer.
  • "345678911" - Identifies the holder's account number.
  • "3" - Gives the checksum number.
Credit Card Example - Visa Gold
Credit Card Example - Visa Gold


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