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How to expand IPv6 addresses?

In order to help your programming or testing tasks, FYIcenter.com has designed this online tool for you to expand any given IPv6 address.

All you need to do is to enter an IPv6 address and click the "Expand" button. Expanded result will be displayed in the result area.

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Expanded result by FYIcenter.com - IP Address:

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IPv6 Address: 2001:db8::ff00:42:8329
Expanded: 2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:8329

How IPv6 addresses are compressed?

An IPv6 address is an identification assigned to a computer host on the Internet. IPv6 is the version 6 of IP address standard. It uses 128 bits or 16 bytes to represent IP addresses.

A 16-byte IPv6 address is normally represented hexadecimal digits and divided into 8 groups separated by colons (:). For example, "2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:8329" IPv6 address.

For convenience, an IPv6 address may be compressed to reduce its length using these rules.

  • One or more leading zeroes from any groups of hexadecimal digits are removed; this is usually done to either all or none of the leading zeroes. For example, the above IPv6 address can be abbreviated as: "2001:db8:0:0:0:ff00:42:8329".
  • Consecutive sections of zeroes are replaced with a double colon (::). The double colon may only be used once in an address, as multiple use would render the address indeterminate. For example, the above IPv6 address can be abbreviated as: "2001:db8::ff00:42:8329".
  • The last two groups are written in IPv4 format. For example: "2001:db8:3333:4444:5555:6666:".


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