Regular Expression Search and Replace


How to perform regular expression Search and Replace?

To perform a regular expression pattern Search and Replace, you need to write a pattern string in regular expression language, and a replacement string. Then you need to apply the pattern search and replacement to the subject string with a tool, which returns the modified subject string. has designed this online tool for you to perform regular expression pattern match search and replace. All you need to do is to enter your subject string, the pattern, the replacement, and the modifier. Then click the "Submit" button. The modified subject string will be displayed in the result area.




Modified subject returned by

Subject with Replacement:

Subject with Replacement:

How to reference sub-matches in replacement?

If you want to reference a sub-match in the replacement string, you need to the "$n" expression.

For example, "(\d\d)-([A-Z][a-z]{2})-(\d\d\d\d)" is a regular expression pattern with 3 sub-matches. You can reference them to convert date strings to a different format like "$2 $1, $3".


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